New paper published on “sustainability transformations”

A new paper has just been published on the topic of “sustainability transformations”. This is a strong theme emerging in recent years within global sustainability research and policy debates, which focuses on understanding how societies can make major changes towards achieving a more sustainable and just world, particularly under climate change. This paper surveys a variety of different approaches to studying sustainability transformations, and particularly focuses on identifying what is known and what is missing when it comes to the governance and politics dimensions.

The paper is a collaboration within the Earth System Governance network.

The details of the paper are below including a link to the journal location:

Patterson, J., Schulz, K., Vervoort, J., van der Hel, S., Widerberg, O., Adler, C., Hurlbert, Anderton, K., Sethi, M., Barau, A. 2016. Exploring the governance and politics of transformations towards sustainability. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions.

If you would like to obtain a copy of the paper but do not have access to the journal, please email James Patterson (james.patterson [at]


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