Collaboration with climate change researchers in Chile

James Patterson recently conducted a research visit to Santiago, Chile to collaborate with researchers from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Universidad de Chile and CR2: Centre for Climate Change and Resilience” (a national climate change research network).

The purpose of the visit was to jointly organise an agenda-setting workshop on “The Human Dimensions of Climate Change Research in Chile: emerging questions for an interdisciplinary research agenda”, working in particular with Dr. Rodolfo Sapiains, Lecturer at Universidad de Chile and Research Associate at CR2. The workshop involved a mix of presentations from researchers, policymakers, and NGOs, interspersed with breakout dialogue sessions, on topics of governance, psychological dimensions, and community experiences. It was attended by over 50 participants from research, government (local, regional, and national levels), and NGOs and community groups. Findings of the workshop are currently being written up into a social science research agenda for climate change in Chile.

James Patterson (in blue) giving a presentation (with the assistance of a translator!)

While visiting, James also met with several MSc students conducting thesis research projects, and discussed methods and shared ideas, and gave a guest lecture in a course on water governance and politics in the MSc course: “Climate change and the social sciences”, at the Universidad de Chile, Chile. He also conducted fieldwork interviews, and met with senior officials from the Department of Climate Change in the National Ministry of Environment.

James Patterson and Rodolfo Sapiains outside the national Ministry of Environment prior to a meeting with the Department of Climate Change.

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