INNOVCITIES joins network on Innovating Water Governance in Amsterdam

The INNOVCITIES project has recently joined a new network of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners on a new 3-year project on Innovating Water Governance in Amsterdam. This network is creating a Knowledge-Action hub focusing on how to advance a diverse range of cutting-edge approaches to sustainable water governance in cities, drawing on concepts such as “circular economy” and the “water-energy nexus”. The project has 4 core Work Packages:

  1. Governance strategies in a dynamic context (this is where INNOVCITIES contributes)
  2. System changes
  3. Distribution of responsibilities and risks
  4. A knowledge-based system for future-proof governance of the water cycle

As an early step, the consortium will soon be hosting a series of Knowledge-Action Studios, and public forums at the Pakhuis de Zwijger – a creative cultural and intellectual hub situated in the heart of Amsterdam.

This exciting new consortium will consolidate Amsterdam’s position as a global leader on the knowledge and practice of sustainable cities. INNOVCITIES is very excited to become part of this initiative!

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