New PhD project being planned on equity and justice in flood risk governance

Maartje van der Knaap who recently spent 3 months developing a PhD proposal has won second prize for her work in the competitive Netherlands SENSE honours program. This program involved 3 months of intensive coaching at the Institute for Environmental Studies under the supervision of Dave Huitema and James Patterson to assist in writing a PhD research proposal. Maartje’s proposal received outstanding feedback from the independent scientific reviewers who praised the novel and ambitious ideas and design of the research.

Maartje is a Masters student in the final stages of her degree at Wageningen UR, and is preparing a proposal for PhD research to be supervised by Dave Huitema and James Patterson. Maartje’s proposed research will explore equity and justice dimensions of flood risk governance under climate change. This work will contribute to the INNOVCITIES project being led by James and Dave.

Maartje is currently working as a Research Assistant at IVM with Stefania Munaretto on the multi-partner European CAPFLO project investigating community flood resilience across multiple European case studies.

We are very excited to have Maartje hopefully join us in the near future to begin PhD research!


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